Standard for the Use and Privacy

1. Purpose and Application

This Standard for the Use and Privacy at the Website (“Standard”) governs your relation with IRB BRASIL RESSEGUROS S.A. (“IRB Brasil RE” or “Company”) when you are using the website (“Website”), and details the cases and purposes for which we use your information when you interact with it. These Terms do not apply to third-parties, as social media, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube, even if you use such media to be connected with us, you should always pay attention to the terms and policies applicable to any third-parties websites or platforms you visit.

2. Your Use of the Website

The purpose of the Website is giving information, aiming at disclosing our actions and providing information on our activities and services. The Website is not a service selling platform, and you cannot require services through it.

The Website and its content are merely informative and the given information should not be deemed as product recommendations, financial analysis or any kind of consultancy. The statements in the documents presented in the Company’s website regarding the perspective on the business, projections on operational and financial results, as well as the information related to perspectives on the Company’s growth, are only projections and, as such, are exclusively based on the expectations of the Board of Directors regarding the future of the business. These expectations depend mainly on approval and licenses necessary for the confirmation of the project, market conditions, the development of Brazilian economy, the sector and international markets, therefore, being subject to changes with no previous notice. You are the only one responsible for any use you make regarding the information present at the Website.

You agree with using the Website in good faith and respecting the merely informative purpose of the content made available. You should not use the Website in any way that can jeopardize its functionaility, including, but not limited to, trying to introduce malware, denial-of-service attack, abuse of any defect or error at the Website.

All the content made available at the Website pertains only and exclusively to IRB Brasil RE and was duly licensed for IRB Brasil RE. These Terms do not grant any license or assignment of intellectual property rights, and you are not authorized to reproduce any part of the Website or its content, under the penalties of law.

3. Our Use and Your Information

While you use this Website, we collect Personal Data provided by you aiming at responding your message:

In any case, your Personal Data are stored in an environment with the best safety standards in the market compatible with the nature of the data, either directly by IRB Brasil RE or by a third-party hired by it, who must undertake to follow the provisions of this Standard. When there is the need for it, we will answer the request for accessing Personal Data with specific purpose.

As owner of the Personal Data, you have rights according to the applicable laws, including the right to request a rectification of incorrect information and revoking your consent, when the process was based on it, in addition to the other rights provided for in the laws in force. In order to exercise any of your rights or should you have any doubts on our data processing, please contact our Privacy Channel through the email

While using the Website, we can automatically collect information not deemed as Personal Data, that is, information that cannot identify you, such as the model of your device and country of access, for statistical purposes, aiming at improving the Website.

4. Resumé Registry and Corporate Ethics Channel

While using this Website, if you choose to make a complaint at our corporate ethics channel, you will be redirect to the platform Ethics Point, operated by a third-party hired by us. The information you provide at the corporate ethics channel will be handled by NAVEX Global, the company that offers Ethics Point, and its use is subject to their own terms of use and privacy. It is very important for you to read and agree with the terms of use and privacy of Ethics Point before using this platform.

While you use the Website, if you choose to send your resumé in order to apply for a job or merely to registry it in our resumé bank, you will be redirected to the platform, operated by a third-party hired by us. The information you provide through are stored by the company VAGAS Tecnologia, which offers access to the use of the website, being subject to their own terms of use and privacy policy. It is very important for you to read and agree with the terms of use and privacy of before using this platform.

5. Your Acceptance of these Terms

When using the Website, you state you have read, understood, and agree with this Standard. You need to read and expressly consent to the Standard before sending any communication through the channels in our Website.

Should you have any doubt on the content or our Personal Data processing, please contact our Privacy Channel through the e-mail

6. Force

This Standard enters into force when it is published, being revised under demand, whenever there are changes in the laws, scenarios or operations, and will be valid until it is revoked or new provisions are included in it.

7. References