Executive Board

Antônio Cássio dos Santos
Interim President

Werner Romera Süffert
Finance and Investor Relations Executive Vice President

Wilson Toneto 
Technical and Operations Executive Vice President


Board of Directors

IRB Brasil Resseguros S.A.  (IRB Brasil RE)’s  Board of Directors is a decision-making body composed of eight statutory members and their alternate deputies. Elected at the General Meeting of Shareholders, all members may be removed from their positions by it at any time. They may be reelected within a uniform two-year term.

Board Members

Antônio Cassio dos Santos

Independent Members

Ellen Gracie Northfleet

Henrique Luz

Hugo Daniel Castillo Irigoyen

Ivan Gonçalves Passos

Marcos Bastos Rocha

Marcos Pessoa de Queiroz Falcão

Regina Helena Jorge Nunes

Roberto Dagnoni 

Fiscal Council

IRB Brasil RE’s  Supervisory Board is the body which monitors the acts of the administration in defense of the interests of the company and its shareholders.

Reginaldo José Camilo

Members ​:

Bruno Cirilo Mendonça de Campos – Substitute Member

Daniel Carlos Domingues Massola – Substitute Member

José Rubens Alonso – Effective Member

Luiz Gustavo Braz Lage – Substitute Member

Otavio Ladeira de Medeiros – Effective Member

Paulo Euclides Bonzanini – Effective Member

Rodrigo Andrade de Morais – Substitute Member

Audit Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board of Directors regarding the performance of the audit and supervision functions.

Risk Management and Solvency Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Board of Directors and analyze, monitor and recommend improvements to the Company’s risk management structure.

​​Underwriting and Large Scale Claims Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to review IRB Brasil RE’s Local Undewriting, International Risk Acceptance and Retrocession Policies, in compliance with the guidelines established by IRB Brasil RE Executive Officers and its Board of Directors.s.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee’s objective is to analyze financial transactions, recommend actions to improve financial management and follow up implementation of these measures. Results are reported to the Board of Directors on a pre-defined schedule.

Human Resourcers and Nominating Committee

The Committee aims to advise the Board of Directors to create and conduct the Company’s Personnel Management policies and strategy.

Corporate Governance Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to define and propose corporate governance practices at all levels of the company. Focused on the relationship between shareholders, management and other stakeholders, the practices defined by the committee are aimed at optimizing performance and increasing company value.

Last updated on September 11, 2020