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Brief History

  1. 1939 - The beginning

    The Brazilian Reinsurance Institute is created, inaugurating the state monopoly in the reinsurance sector, with the mission of retaining in the country the risks of national companies that were previously transferred abroad

  2. 1960 - Regulation

    The company gains the power to regulate the reinsurance market following the creation of the National Private Insurance System.

  3. 1970 - Crossing borders

    The Company takes an important step and start an internationalization process, establishing two operations abroad.

  4. 1996 - New model

    It becomes a government-controlled company, named IRB Brasil Resseguros S.A.

  5. 2000 - Change in the market

    The company transfers responsibility for regulating the reinsurance market to the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep).

  6. 2007 - New era

    A 69-year monopoly cycle in the Brazilian reinsurance market ends, with the opening of the Brazilian market to competition in the sector.

  7. 2011 - Great achievements

    Opening an office in Argentina and receiving an A- score (excellent) from A.M. Best, a risk rating agency specialized in the insurance market.

  8. 2013 - Privatization

    A new moment for IRB Brasil RE begins. This year marks the company’s history, which is privatized and is no longer a mixed-capital company.

  9. 2014 - New business

    Acquisition of an 8% interest in the African Reinsurance Corporation – Africa Re., as part of the strategy of concentrating the internationalization of the Company’s operations in South America.

  10. 2016 - Controlled company

    Establishment of the Company’s asset management and real estate development subsidiary, IRB Investimentos e Participações Imobiliárias S.A .

  11. 2017 - Among the largest

    IPO, with the Company’s listing on B3’s Novo Mercado, the highest Governance level of the Brazilian stock exchange.

  12. 2018 - Full subsidiary of the Company

    Receives authorization from the CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) for IRB ASSET MANAGEMENT S.A. to provide Securities Portfolio Management services.

  13. 2019 - Corporation

    IRB carries out two successful follow-ons of the Brazilian stock exchange (B3), for the amount of approximately R$ 10 billion. As a result of the restricted public offering of shares, the Company’s Shareholders’ Agreement was terminated, and the Company became a corporation.

  14. 2020 - New IRB

    Restructuring of the entire Management and Enhanced corporate governance focused on sustainable growth.


We are a benchmark in the Brazilian reinsurance market, with over 80 years of experience and a complete portfolio of solutions. We operate in all business lines in Brazil and abroad, offering reinsurance coverage for various risks.

Our headquarter is located in Rio de Janeiro and we have offices in São Paulo, Buenos Aires and London.

Business lines

Reinsurance coverage for losses caused to the property’s structure and/or its content, and risks arising from construction, installation and assembly.

Civil liability

Reinsurance coverage for risks that involve the civil liability of the insured, through a court decision resulting from involuntary, material or personal damage caused to third parties.


Reinsurance coverage for partial losses and full compensation that guarantees the refund of material losses to the insured vehicle as a result of collision, fire, robbery or theft.


Reinsurance coverage for losses caused to insured goods during water, land, and air transportation, in Brazil and abroad, and the coverage may also be extended to the period of stay of goods in warehouses.

Financial Risks

Reinsurance coverage for contractual default risk, both for private and public contracts. Additionally, it may cover loan risks, as well as the commercial and political risks of exports operations.

Life and Pension

Reinsurance coverage for personal protection, providing financial guarantees in the event of unpredictable physical damage to insured individuals, including life insurance, which is the most common.


Coverage for the risks associated with housing financing, relative to the death or permanent disability of the borrower, as well as physical damage to the property securing the financing.


Reinsurance coverage for agricultural and livestock risks, damage to improvements and agricultural equipment, as well as life for rural producers. It protects the farmer, especially against losses resulting from climate events.


Reinsurance coverage for losses suffered by the insured or beneficiary from damages resulting from an accident with a vessel during its construction, operation, repair or dismantling.


Reinsurance coverage for aviation risks, including damage to the aircraft, civil liability for its operation and losses arising from acts of war.

Oil and Gas

Reinsurance coverage for projects, goods, equipment and civil liability, arising from the risks related to oil and/or gas prospecting, drilling and production operations, both onshore and off shore.


Coverage for risks involving nuclear power plant operations, including the coverage of physical damage, as well as civil liability to third parties.

Competitive Advantages

Continue leveraging on IRB’s core competences, which provide a competitive edge


Understanding of local market
  • Market leader with extensive knowledge of local and regional dynamics (LatAm)
  • Customer information and data
  • Experience of many years in relationship with customers
  • We operate in all segments
Fast decision-market process
  • Local decision-marking process
  • Experienced team with solid technical and commercial skills
  • Integrated customer and business management
Digital Transformation
  • Innovation-oriented mindset being
  • Only company in LatAm part of the largest global blockchain consortium for insurance & reinsurance (B3i)
  • Investor of a unique ecosystem of Insurtechs and Universities
Administrative Efficiency
  • Lean structure: only c.400 employees
  • Optimized and centralized workforce with offices in RJ (headquarters), SP, Buenos Aires and London
  • Modern integrated IT structure

For more information, access the Company's Reference Form in the Registration Form and Reference Form section. (*) information available in Portuguese only

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